Workshop- Honolulu, Hawaii

So now it's time to start getting ready for the Workshop I am teaching in Honolulu, Hawaii! Talking with the photographers that are based there is getting me really excited about it...I'm ready to go now!! SO looking forward to it and to shooting. Maybe adding a second day shooting on location workshop. We will see!

June 18th, 2011! Come join us!!

For those of you who want info, here it is:


Knowing how to use artificial light creatively is an essential skill for most photographers. Understanding light for a photographer is like a painter knowing his brushes.

Come spend one day of training with fashion photographer Guillermo Velez in a workshop that will take you through all aspects of photography. You will learn many of Guillermo's tricks in this reality workshop. Using two professional models, Guillermo will demonstrate how to shoot for cosmetic campaigns, editorial spreads, fashion magazines or simply shooting for a catalogue.

GV will show you step by step his setups for beauty, fashion and catalogue. You will learn to effectively control the light quality, direction, and shape from strobe lighting by incorporating soft boxes, grids, reflectors and bounce techniques for more professional results. Participants will explore which lighting techniques are best suited to a particular subject and scene. Work with professionals in the industry including two fashion models, makeup artist, and other creative team members. Guillermo believes you

learn more if you are part of the process, therefore students will work together as a team to set up the lighting, but all participants will have individual time to shoot.

Click on the link to register and reserve your spot

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